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Product Support and How to?
Product Support and How to?

FAQ and instructions on how to get specific tasks done in LeanLaw

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How To Set and Fix Your Firm's Trust Payee
How To Configure Payment Allocation
How to: Fix Duplicate Distribution Bill Numbers in QuickBooks Online
How to Set and View Webhooks
How to integrate Confido Legal with LeanLaw
How To Set Up LeanLaw's Email Service
Fixing Broken Connections with QuickBooks Validation
Assigning a Reviewer
Getting Paid Using Lean Align and LeanLaw Payments: DIY Compilation
How to Use Block Billing
How to Archive and Reactivate Matters
How To Mark Expenses as Billed Without Billing Them
How to: Setup and Customize Your Invoice Presentation
Snippets and Short Codes
How Do I Set the Firm's Default Invoice Date? [FAQ]
How to Duplicate a Time Entry
Editing Client Information
Reports Overview
How to Track PTO
Reports: WIP, Billed, Collected
Mobile FAQ
Using the Custom Checkbox
Equitrac Integration
How to Create an Expense in LeanLaw
How to Split Fixed Fee Revenue Between Users
Compensation Tracking Settings
Using Distributions
Using Write-Downs
How to Use Custom Fields in Reports
Managing and Customizing User Roles and Permissions in LeanLaw
Using the Compensation (Revenue by Attorney) Report
Using the Expenses page
Custom Fields
How to View Aged Receivables in Lean Law
Downloading and Backing Up Your LeanLaw Data
How To: “CC” Invoices to Responsible Attorney
How To: Change the invoice date after the invoice was approved and sent to QuickBooks Online
How to Apply Credits to an Invoice
How to Use Evergreen Trust Retainers
Manage QuickBooks Invoices
How To: Set and Change Your Rates
How To: Batch Send/Print Invoices from LeanLaw
How To: Create a Work in Progress (WIP) Report in LeanLaw
Contingency Statement
Revenue Reports
How to Set an Originating Attorney
How To: Export Expenses from LeanLaw
Set Up Expense Sync with QuickBooks
How To Bill Expenses from QuickBooks in LeanLaw
QuickBooks Class Tracking
Invoice Address Information ("Bill To")
How To: Delete Entries, Expenses, and Fees
How To: Disburse Funds from Trust
Time Review and Bulk Entry
How To: Generate Invoice Numbers in QuickBooks Online
How To: Add interest for late payment of an old invoice on a new invoice
How To: Mark Time Entries as Billed (Clear)
How To: Change Your Firm's Billing Address
Team Settings
Lean Insights Overview
Setting Up Invoice Reminders in LeanLaw
How to Create a Payment Plan for Outstanding Invoices
Setting your LeanLaw Homepage
Expense Attachments
Invoice Email Account Summary
LeanLaw API: Introduction and Reference

Calendar Page in LeanLaw
What is Desktop Tracker and How Do I Install It?
How To: Enter Time in the Calendar View
How To: Track Time with LeanLaw Desktop Tracker
Time Entries Page in LeanLaw
How do I Remove an Unbilled Fixed Fee? [FAQ]
How to Change Time Entry Rounding
Lean Insights: Insights View on Time Entries page