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How Do I Add a User to all Matters for a Client? [FAQ]
How Do I Add a User to all Matters for a Client? [FAQ]

Learn how to add a user to all matters for a client, via LeanLaw

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Q: Hi, I'm not seeing a way to add the new employee to all matters for a client automatically, are there instructions on how to do so?

I know how to add them manually but typically when Tina set new users up they would be automatically added to all of a client's matters so that I did not need to add them to each matter manually every time. Can you help?

A: Whether adding a new Attorney to the firm or an existing team member to an ongoing case, at some point, you are likely going to need to add them to the Matters they will be contributing to. We know your time is valuable, so LeanLaw has developed a tool to allow you to apply changes to all matters for a single client.

1. Navigate to Clients

2. Select the client

Locate your client using the filters and/or search bar. Click on the client.

3. Select the Matter

On the left side, a list of matters will be available to select.

4. Add new user to Matter.

Click on the Billing and Rates tab and then select the user's name from the dropdown list. Instead of clicking "Save Changes" select the dropdown next to it and pick "Save Changes to all Matters for this Client".

Once you have completed these steps, the user will be added to all matters for this client.

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