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How to Split Fixed Fee Revenue Between Users
How to Split Fixed Fee Revenue Between Users

Multiple attorneys working on a fixed fee matter? Here's how to allocate the revenue to your associates

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Let's say you have a fixed fee of $5000 and three associates commit work towards its completion. How would you ensure the fixed fee is properly split between contributors? The Billing Allocation tab on every fixed fee (which is found by clicking on the fixed fee in the Fixed Fee tab on the matter) lets you split every fixed fee by percent, by hours worked, or by dollar amounts of your choosing.

Note: Fixed Fee allocation assigns the fixed fee to one or more users' "Worked" values and happens before any firmwide allocation settings. Allocations for Responsible, Origination, or Firm Share won't be seen until you view the payment allocation or the Compensation report associated with the fixed fee.

1. Open your matter

The first step is to open the matter associated with your fixed fee. If you need a refresher on creating or locating matters, click here.

2. Click the Fixed Fees tab

Inside the matter, click on the fixed fees tab to view all fixed fees associated with the matter.

A screenshot of an open matter with the Fixed Fees tab indicated

3. Open the fixed fee

Locate the fixed fee you wish to allocate and open it by clicking the fixed fee's name.

A screenshot of the Fixed Fees tab with one fixed fee indicated

4. Open Billing Allocation

In the top right of the open fixed fee, click on the Billing Allocation tab to open it.

5. Assign users and values

You'll see a dropdown menu labeled Add User. Click the dropdown to select one of the users to which you wish to allocate this fixed fee. You'll see that the user's name joins the window and the Add User dropdown moves down. Repeat this process until you have the desired users assigned to this fixed fee.

Next, assign the value of the fixed fee you wish each user to receive. You can do this by entering the percentage or the hours which the user spent on the fixed fee (click Percent | Hours to toggle your selection). You can also just enter the dollar amounts for each user yourself.

6. Save the fixed fee

Your allocated fixed fee is now complete. The last thing to do is to save the entry by clicking the green Save Fixed Fee button on the bottom of the Fixed Fee window.

You now have a fixed fee allocated between multiple users! If you wish to edit the allocation, you can simply follow these steps from the beginning to reopen the fixed fee and make any changes that you wish. Alternatively, you can find this fixed fee in the Billing tab under the category Ready to Bill if you're ready to draft an invoice.

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