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How To Set Up LeanLaw's Email Service
How To Set Up LeanLaw's Email Service

Learn how to enable LeanLaw's email service for more control over your email's appearance and faster electronic payments

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Many Law Firms rely on Outlook or Gmail to email their invoices, or they've adopted emailing/payments solutions from Quickbooks or a service like LawPay. This disjointed approach has created a lot of frustration for LeanLaw customers, and that's why we've streamlined the invoice email, trust request emails, and associated payment options into a single, easy to use service that all resides within LeanLaw.

LeanLaw's email service allows you to customize your email's appearance for a more professional, branded look, automate details like an account summary, an email text body, and your firm's logo, and sets you up to quickly receive electronic payments from your clients.

LeanLaw's email service includes buttons that can allow your client to pay the balance of the invoice or their entire account balance electronically, and can automatically include trust replenishment. These buttons use Confido Legal payment links, so your firm must have an active account with our partner, Confido Legal, in order to benefit from the integrated payments options within LeanLaw's email service.

The steps below will show you how to set up and configure LeanLaw's email service.

1. Connect your firm to Confido Legal (optional)

Go to the Confido Legal page in your Firm Settings. If you see a green graphic with all checkmarks, proceed to step 2. If you see a screen telling you to sign up or sign in, you'll need to sign in to Confido Legal before you can proceed.

2. Go to Email Settings

Once your firm is connected to Confido Legal if desired, go to the Email Settings in your Firm Settings.

4. Configure your email settings

Once the email service is enabled, you still have to enter a few values before the service can be used.

  • Under Sender Info, enter your firm name and the email address you wish to appear on the "Reply to" field for all of your firm's emails.

  • Under Subject, either select a premade subject from the dropdown, or create a custom Subject. This will be the subject line for all of your firm's emails.

There are more customizations available to you, such as the logo and email body, CC and BCC, but Sender Info and Subject are the only values required for the LeanLaw email service to function.

5. Save

Once you're finished customizing your email, click the green Save Settings button.

Invoices you email from the LeanLaw application will now use LeanLaw's email service instead of QuickBooks Online.

Email settings overview

For more information on our email customization options, consult the image below. All settings, unless indicated, can be changed by clicking on the field in your sample email found on the Invoice Email Delivery settings page.

A screenshot of the email sample with the customizable fields marked by numbers.

Image Reference Number: Label Name


1: Name

This sender name will appear in your clients' inbox when they receive your email.

2: Email address field

Although our email service will send your emails, any reply made by your clients will use this "reply to" address.

3: Subject

This subject will appear in your clients' inbox when they receive your email. Any valid variables, such as {invoice_number} will automatically be replaced by data from the invoice your client is receiving.

4: Attachments

A preview of files attached to your emails. By default, only a pdf of your invoice is attached. However, enabling the Automated Trust Statement setting, for example, will automatically attach a trust statement to any emails for invoices with a trust balance. Additionally, any attachments added to the invoice in QuickBooks will be attached to emails send through LeanLaw's email service.

5: Logo

A preview of your firm logo. Clicking on the logo will allow you to upload a custom image.

6: Text body

A preview of your text body. Clicking on the text body will allow you to customize the text. As with the Subject field, there are variable options which will automatically be replaced by invoice-specific values, such as {client_name}.

7. Pay button(s)

These pay buttons will be embedded with Confido Legal payment links unique to each invoice, allowing your client to electronically pay you.

You can also enable Full Balance Payment Link to make it so a Pay Balance link appears. When your client clicks this link, it will be for the amount of the invoice plus the balance forward on their account. Full Balance links are aggregate links, meaning all Confido Legal payment links that contributed to the balance will be marked paid if the Full Balance link is paid.

8: Account summary

While enabled, account summary will automatically include details of recent changes to your client's account. For matters without trust amounts, this will only show the invoice amount and the client's new account balance.

For trust matters, this will include the trust retainer balance, the evergreen amount, and the amount required to replenish the evergreen account, where applicable.

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