How do I Set Up and Use Practice Areas?

Practice Areas allow you to differentiate between the types of services provided.

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Q: We are going to start practicing in a sub-specialty area (unemployment insurance). Is there a way that I can mark or designate matters that are unemployment matters, so I can run reports on just unemployment matters?

A: Setting Practice Areas can be used to designate Matters as being specific sub-specialties. You can create Practice Areas in your settings and assign them to matters.


Setting up Practice Areas will categorize matters to utilize reporting and sorting tools to differentiate between the legal services provided throughout the firm.

How to Set up Practice Areas

1. Login to LeanLaw, open Settings

Screenshot of top right corner of page with arrow pointing to the gear, Firm Settings

2. Select Practice Areas and click Create

Under Team Settings select Practice Areas, then Create

Screenshot of bottom left page with arrow pointing to Practice Areas, which has been selected. Additionally there is an arrow pointing to Create within the Practice Areas settings

3. Create new Practice Area

Fill out the name field, if this Practice Area is the default practice, toggle the switch to YES.

Screenshot of Practice Area form

Once the fields have been filled select CREATE. Your default Practice Area will be identified with a check in the default column.

Screenshot of Practice Areas List show in Practice Areas settings

How to require setting Practice Area on all Matters

1. Open Firm Settings

2. Under Team Settings, Select Practice Areas

3. Check the box next to "Require setting Practice Area on all matters"

4. Select Save Changes

How to set a Practice Area when editing a Matter

Any matter that doesn't have a designated Practice Area can be edited and set for tracking purposes.

1. Navigate to Matters and select the Matter

To find the specific matter you are looking for use the filters and search bar for assistance.

Screenshot of arrow pointing to Matters in top navigation bar and an arrow pointing to the matter to be edited

2. In the Matter's Info, select Edit

Screenshot of an arrow pointing to the matters info and an arrow pointing to the Edit button within the Matter's Info

3. Select Practice Area and Update

Once Practice Areas have been set in the firm's settings they will be available in the drop down menu of the Practice Area field.

Screenshot of Matters Info page where Practice Area is adjust. An arrow points to the dropdown menu under Practice Area and another arrow points to Update in the top right corner.

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