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How To: Fix Trust Accounting when Liability is Disconnected
How To: Fix Trust Accounting when Liability is Disconnected

Reconnecting the liability account for a Client or Matter with Trust

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Ever try making a trust deposit for an existing Client or Matter but receive an error message that ""Something went wrong, please contact LeanLaw"?

Sometimes trust account liabilities get disconnected when their QBO counterparts are renamed/reassigned/archived. Let's cover the steps to reconnect them within LeanLaw and get back to invoicing πŸ‘

Step 1: Identifying the problematic Client/Matter

Open the Matter from the Matters page, then flip to the "QuickBooks" tab. You'll notice that the Trust Account button now reads "Fix Trust Accounting".

Notice this error message below the Trust Account section? This is letting you know that the liability account associated with this Client/Matter has gotten tangled between QuickBooks Online and LeanLaw.

Step 2: Reconnecting the trust liability account

Click the "Fix Trust Account" button and select the appropriate Client/Matter from the dropdowns as shown below. If the Client/Matter did not previously have any trust funds you can "Create account". Otherwise, take your time locating the existing liability account.

Note: Make sure that you're looking in the correct IOLTA bank account and Client. Sometimes these liability have been moved to the wrong place.

Step 3: Save changes and retry the transaction

After you've reconnected the correct liability account(s) click "Save Changes" and refresh the page.

You should now be able to perform the trust deposit/payment that previously failed. If the error message continues to appear let our team know and we can assist πŸ‘

ProTip: If you notice any of your Matters being listed with a red QBO logo next to them that means they've been disconnected from LeanLaw. Check out this article on how to fix that.

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