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How Do I Retrieve an Invoice Deleted from QuickBooks Online
How Do I Retrieve an Invoice Deleted from QuickBooks Online

This article explains how to handle retrieving and releasing time entries when an invoice has been deleted in QuickBooks Online.

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When you delete an invoice from QuickBooks Online it goes to LeanLaw's billing tab in draft mode. LeanLaw never deletes any time entries so that we can get the time entries back. To ensure Draft Mode is viewable make sure that it is activated within your Firm Settings. Please see image below on your three options:

Please see instructions below on retrieving and releasing time entries:

1. Undo Your Deleted Invoice by going to the Billing tab and then clicking on Draft.

2. You will see the deleted invoice with a tag indicating its state. Once you click on the invoice, a new window appears with the "undo" function that you will need to select. Please see the image below for an example of what this looks like:

3. Once selected, the time entries and expenses will be released from Draft and put back into Ready to Bill so you can redraft the invoice.


Recreating the Invoice in QuickBooks Online

You can also recreate the invoice in QuickBooks by locating the deleted transaction and manually reproducing it. Here is the site to view how to do this in QuickBooks Online.

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