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How to Set an Originating Attorney
How to Set an Originating Attorney

Assign an originating attorney to your matters for revenue allocation.

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Origination allocates a percentage of all recorded payments to the Originating Attorney. The Originating Attorney needs to be a user in LeanLaw, and can be added when creating a matter, or edited later. An originating attorney will appear in the Revenue by Originating, Allocation Details and Compensation reports to allow firms a way to track their originators.

Originating Attorney Share

If Attorney(s) receive an Originating Attorney Share of the Revenue Allocation an Origination value can have a default firm share or a customized share per matter.

How to set a default firm Origination value:

1. visit Settings

2. select Reports

3. Input value (%) in the designated field “Originating Attorney Share”

4. Save Changes

If a user is an originating attorney and a custom origination percentage isn’t set at the matter level, the user's origination defaults to the firm’s Originating Attorney Share.

Screenshot from the Reports Settings with indications of the location of the “Originating Attorney Share” field.

Making “Originating” a Required Field

If your firm would like to require this field to be filled out at the creation of the matter, go to your Firm Info page and select "Require Originating Attorney on matters”

Screenshot of Firm info subsection, Options, with an arrow pointing to the “Require Originating Attorney on matter” setting.

When Creating a new matter

You can set an originating attorney at matter creation by selecting a user with the Originating dropdown, indicated in the picture below. If you forgot how to create a matter, click here

Note: When creating a new matter only one originating attorney can be selected at first, more can be added once the matter is created.

Screenshot of Create Matter form with a green box and arrow indicating the Originating field.

Note: By default the originating attorney share will reflect what is set at the firm level. If a custom share is required, edit the share in the matter's Billing and Rates.

When Editing a Matter

When editing the originating attorney of an existing matter or adding additional originating attorneys, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Matters tab

2. Select the matter you’d like to edit

3. Select “Billing and Rates

4. Check/uncheck box next to the User(s)

5. Determine the Customized share, or proceed to step 6 to default to the Firm share

6. Save Changes.

Note: You can assign multiple originating attorneys.

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