Time Entries Page in LeanLaw

This article will cover the {Time Entries Page} in LeanLaw

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The following will be covered in this article:

  • Viewing and filtering time entries on the {Time Entries Page}

  • Creating time entries in the standard and advanced mode

  • Editing and deleting time entries

  • What user options affect the create entry screen

The Time Entries Screen

When you toggle to the {Time Entries Page}, the Filter Options will be on the left, and the Time Display will be in the middle. The Filter Options will allow you to select options that will determine what displays in the Time Display, which updates automatically.

There are multiple filters to select that include Time Period, Timekeeper, Billed Status, Client, and Matter. You can sort by LEDES codes, if you have them enabled. You can choose to show the Start and Stop times in the Time Display by toggling the radio button as necessary.

In the top right of the screen you will see the Print and Export buttons. You can print a paper copy or to pdf. The Export button allows you to export the data to Excel.

Creating Time Entries

From the {Time Entries Page}, you can easily create a time entry by selecting the green Create Entry button on the top left of the page. This will pull up the New Entry section. You will see the option for a Standard or Advanced time entry. The only difference in Standard and Advanced is that a user is able to adjust the rate in Advanced.

The required fields to create a time entry are Timekeeper, Date, Client, Matter, Description, and Hours. The following are fields that will default in time entry:

  • Timekeeper - The timekeeper logged in

  • Date - Todays date

  • Hours - .1 (hours can be entered in tenths or quarters)

Editing and Deleting Time Entries

You can select a time entry to edit or delete by clicking on a time entry in the Time Display. This will open Edit Entry on the left of the screen. Edits can be made and submitted by clicking the Save Changes button at the bottom of Time Edit. From Edit Entry you can also delete a time entry by clicking the trash can in the top right of Time Edit.

User Options that Affect Time Entry

  • Advanced Setting - The Advanced time entry allows a user to select their rate. This permission is given in <User Permissions> in the <LeanLaw Settings>

  • Snippets - Snippets are commonly used phrases or narratives that you can select instead of typing to save steps. They are created under <Team Settings> in your <Settings>

  • LEDES - You can enable the Task and Activity fields for LEDES under the LEDES Tab in the {Matters Page}

  • Non-Billable - If a matter is set to non-billable, any time entry created for that matter will automatically have the Billable Checkbox deselected. However, you can check the box manually to allow that particular time entry to have a billed amount

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