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Lean Insights: Insights View on Time Entries page
Lean Insights: Insights View on Time Entries page

Learn about the Insights View on the Time Entries page

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LeanLaw is thrilled to announce the availability of the new "Insight View" on the Time Entries page, and it's live now for you to explore. In this article, we'll walk you through how to access it and make the most out of this valuable tool.

Using the Insight View

When you navigate to the Time Entries page, you’ll notice that we now offer two viewing options: "Insight View" and "Classic View."

When you select the "Insight View," you'll be presented with a dashboard of time entries based on the filters you've applied on the left side of the screen. This visual representation provides a powerful way to analyze your time entries. You can quickly spot patterns, identify gaps in your entries, or review specific dates for any discrepancies.

This tool can be especially useful when you need to track and understand the details of your time entries. It helps you gain valuable insights into your work, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

Classic View Option

If you prefer the familiar "Classic View" of your time entries, don't worry; it's still available. You can easily switch back to the Classic View at any time. The choice is entirely yours.

Remembering Your Preferences

One convenient feature of the Insight View is that it remembers your preferences. If you've been using the Insight View and then leave the page, it will save your preference for the next time you return. This means you won't need to manually switch back to the Insight View—it'll be ready for you as soon as you access the Time Entries page. The same is true for the Classic View.

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