Time Review and Bulk Entry

An overview of the Time Entry tab including how to use the bulk time entry features

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In LeanLaw go to the second tab called "Time Entries"

Reviewing Time: Using the Filters

You can filter the time entries for your firm by Client, Matter, Timekeeper, and Billed Status. Additionally, you can choose the time period for which you want to focus your filter. As you make changes to the filter, the entries list on the right updates automatically.

You can further filter the visible entries by searching through them with the search bar. Additionally, you can sort the table of entries by clicking on the table headers.

This data can then be exported as a spreadsheet (by clicking EXPORT) or printed (by clicking PRINT)

View Options

Depending on your needs, it's possible to show the full description for each entry as well as the start/stop times for each entry by checking the appropriate boxes. In order to include start/stop times on your printed documents, you must first enable its visibility.

Creating Time Entries (in bulk!)

The UI makes it simple to enters lots of time, especially if it is for the same user, matter and/or date. Click "Create Entry" and the form appears on the left. Enter your client/matter, timekeeper, description, hours, and LEDES codes if applicable.

For even faster time entry, you can tab through each form field and fill them out sequentially.

Once your entry is complete, click Create Entry to save it. The client/matter/timekeeper/date fields will persist so that allows you to enter the description and hours for another entry. This is how bulk entry is done.

You can add clients/matters by clicking the green Add link to the right of the Matter label.

Once your new entry is created, you'll see it in a separate list above the rest of the entries. Recently created/edited entries are highlighted yellow:

Editing Time Entries

Editing entries with the new time entries page is simple; clicking on an entry will open the "Edit Entry" pane on the left of the screen and outline the selected entry in green:

You may save the changes to your entry using the sidebar on the left.

To delete an entry, select it as if you were about to edit it. Then, click the trash icon to the right of the "Edit Entry" headline; then confirm the action.

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