If you receive an error when trying to submit an invoice to QuickBooks, your Client/Matter account may have become disconnected or inactivated. It reads "the customer has been deleted". Below are the steps to activate said account, and get back to invoicing.

Note: This fix is performed in QuickBooks Online. Make sure that you have access to the firm's account before continuing.

Step 1: Identifying the problematic Client/Matter

Open the Matter from the Matters page, then flip to the "QuickBooks" tab. You'll notice that one or both of the QuickBooks Customer accounts is listed as (deleted); this means that the account was made "inactive" in QBO.

Step 2: Finding the account in QBO

Open your QuickBooks Online account. We'll need to navigate to the "Customer/Client" option within Sales. This is where all of the invoices/payments/journal entries associated with each Client and Matter are housed.

Notice the ⚙ (gear) icon to the left of the account list? Click it, and enable the "Include inactive" option; your list of Client/Matter accounts will now include any that were previously inactivated.

Now that you've included inactive accounts in your list of Customers/Clients, find the account that was made inactive. It will have "Make Active" as it's suggested Action, as shown in the clip above. Click "Make Active", and switch back to LeanLaw.

Step 3: Reconnect in LeanLaw

Go ahead and refresh your LeanLaw page! The Client or Matter that was just activated in QuickBooks will now be properly connected, and ready to be invoiced.

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