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How do I Remove an Unbilled Fixed Fee? [FAQ]
How do I Remove an Unbilled Fixed Fee? [FAQ]

Delete a matter's unbilled Fixed Fee from Ready to Bill

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Q: We have a fixed fee that we don’t want to bill, how do I remove a fixed fee?

A: To remove an unbilled fixed fee, navigate to the fixed fee tab within the matter. Select the Fixed Fee, then finally select 🗑️Delete.


A Fixed/Flat Fee in LeanLaw allows a user to invoice a set amount for services that does not change with the amount of time the work takes, unless otherwise determined. If a fixed fee hasn't been billed, it can simply be deleted.

Delete a Fixed Fee

1. Login and Navigate to Matters in LeanLaw

On the top action bar click the Matters tab.

2. Select a Matter

Select the Matter associated with the Fixed Fee, you can use the search bar and filters to assist in locating the matter.

3. Select the Fixed Fee

Select the Fixed Fees tab within the Matter, and select the Not Billed Fixed Fee to be deleted.

4. Delete the Fixed Fee

Once a Fixed Fee is deleted it can not be recovered. Select, 🗑️Delete, to delete the fixed fee.

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