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Getting your Team setup in LeanLaw

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While entering time, having easy access to relevant descriptions of your activities makes tracking time a breeze. Snippets and Short Codes allows you to add/edit pre-made entries for your team. 

Example of snippets and short codes for leanlaw

Anything from initial consultations to applications, assigning Fixed Fees to Matters is a must-have for many firms. Setting templates for FF allows for simple setup of matters that require them!

For items you expense to clients, Expense Templates allow you to easily keep track of soft costs (such as mileage, photocopies, admin fees, and more). When adding an expense to a matter, you'll see these templated items available in the drop-down menu. 

Example of an expense template within LeanLaw

Note: If you're adding a hard cost (paid for out-of-pocket) expense, you will need to record and categorize these through QuickBooks Online instead. Examples of hard costs are filing fees, expert witnesses, court reports, and others.

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