How To: Add Custom Fields to a Matter

Setting up Custom Matter Field Names for your Matters

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Each practice is different, and the properties your firm tracks for a Matter might not be included by default. Now within LeanLaw you're able to create and track custom fields/properties for a Matter. Let's check it out!

To set up and edit this feature you will need access to the "Firm Setup" section of your Settings. Make sure to already have access, or request permission from a firm manager.

Navigate to the "Firm Info" section of your Settings. There you will find the two blank Custom Fields, which can be filled with the firm's desired properties.

Once set, the Custom Matter Fields will appear within the [General] tab of a Matter's settings, under the "Internal" section. These fields are not required on a Matter, so use at your leisure.

ProTip: These fields will be included when you export data from LeanLaw, but are not included on most reports.

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