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Custom Fields Allow You to Map Fields in LeanLaw to Fields in QuickBooks Online

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The following will be covered in this article:

  • What are Custom Fields

  • Custom Fields setup in QuickBooks Online

  • Custom Fields linking in LeanLaw

  • How to clear a LeanLaw value field, how to disable custom field overall

  • Using Custom Fields in Reports

Note: Want to use this feature? You'll need to have upgraded to QuickBooks Online Advanced. If you don't have QuickBooks Online Advanced, here's how to add custom fields for other QuickBooks versions.

What are Custom Fields

The Custom Fields Tool allows you to link fields in LeanLaw to fields in QuickBooks Online. The ability to create and link custom fields for Invoices has been present for a while in all versions of QuickBooks Online. Now, a user that is setup for QuickBooks Online Advanced account can utilize mapping custom fields in LeanLaw to QuickBooks Online report fields.

Custom Fields setup in QuickBooks Online

Custom Fields are accessed in Settings in QuickBooks Online.

  1. Open QuickBooks Online

  2. Go to the Settings

  3. Select Custom Fields from the Lists Column

  4. Select the green Add Field button

  5. Using Custom Fields in Reports

From here you will need to Create a Name, Data Type, Category, and select the Forms you would like to apply the Custom Field to. The Name you give is what will show in the Custom Fields setup in LeanLaw on the next step and show as the column name wherever you map the Custom Field to.

There are four Data Types that you can choose from:

Data Type


More Info

Text and Number


Text and Number

Number Only


Numbers Only



Date Format

Dropdown List

Originating Attorney

Responsible Attorney

Allows a Dropdown to select from a List

While most of the Data Types are self explanatory, if you choose a Data Type of Dropdown, you will need to add the Dropdown options. You will want to ensure that you create the same number of options as you have in LeanLaw, and name them the same as you did in LeanLaw.

The Category will designate whether the field will show in the Customer, Transaction, or Vendor Category. The Form selection will designate what Forms the Custom Field will be on.

Once you Save the Custom Field, you will have access to Edit it and Activate/ Inactivate the Custom Field. If the Custom Field is inactive, it will not be available in the Custom Fields in LeanLaw.

Custom Fields linking in LeanLaw

Custom Fields can be accessed in the Firm Settings in LeanLaw.

  1. Open the LeanLaw Settings page βš™

  2. Under the Firm Settings section, select the Invoice Presentation option.

  3. Click the Custom Fields button towards the bottom of the page.

If your QuickBooks Online Custom Field is Active, you will see it in the LeanLaw Custom Fields. You will need select a LeanLaw Value and then Map the Values.

How to clear a LeanLaw value field, how to disable custom field overall

To keep a Custom Field from displaying in the LeanLaw Custom Fields, it must be disabled in QuickBooks Online. In LeanLaw, only Custom Fields with the checkbox checked will be active in reports.

If a Custom Field needs to be edited in LeanLaw, you can clear out the Value Field and re-create the LeanLaw Custom Field. If you clear a Value Field that is a Dropdown, you will need to also re-map after selecting a new Value Field.

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