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This article will cover the use and functionality of the {Calendar Page}

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The following will be covered in this article:

  • Viewing and maneuvering to time entries in the {Calendar Page}

  • Creating and editing time entries

  • Creating time entries using Timers

  • What user options affect the {Calendar Page}

The Calendar Page

When you toggle to the {Calendar Page}, the Monthly Calendar, Timekeeper Filter, Timers, and Snippets will all be on the left. The Calendar Display will be in the middle. There is a toggle at the bottom of the page to change the Calendar from one to multiple days.

Creating and Editing Time Entries in the Calendar Page

From the Calendar Display, you can select any open space on a day to create time. This will pull up the Time Entry pane.

The required fields to create a time entry are Timekeeper, Date, Client, Matter, Description, and Hours. The following are fields that will default in time entry:

  • Date - Date selected in the calendar

  • Timekeeper - The timekeeper logged in

  • Start Time - Time selected in the calendar

  • Hours - .1 (hours can be entered in tenths or quarters)

Creating Time Entries using Timers

The New Timer button is located in the Timers section on the left hand side of the page. The required fields are Client, Matter, and Description. While you can have multiple timers open, only one can be running. Once you stop a timer, you'll see two options. You can resume the timer by clicking the play button, or you can save the timer as a time entry by clicking on the floppy disc icon.

If you click on the Save Timer, you'll open a Time Entry form with the start and end time already filled out from your timer. You'll also see an extra option called Keep Timer.

A screenshot of a time entry form with Keep Timer indicated.

Checking the box next to Keep Timer and saving your new time entry will create your time entry and create a reusable timer with the client and matter information you just filled out. This is a great feature for clients with whom you find yourself frequently communicating; just pick up the phone, start the timer, and your next time entry is almost completely filled out for you!

Editing and Deleting Time Entries in the Calendar Page

Select a time entry on the Calendar Display to edit or delete. This will re-open the time entry screen to edit and save or delete the time entry.

User Options that Affect Time Entry

  • Advanced Setting - The Advanced time entry allows a user to select their rate. This permission is given in User Permissions in the LeanLaw settings

  • Snippets - Snippets are commonly used phrases or narratives that you can select instead of typing to save steps. They are created under Team Settings in your Settings

  • LEDES - You can enable the Task and Activity fields for LEDES under the LEDES TAB in the {Matters Page}

  • Non-Billable - If a matter is set to non-billable, any time entry created for that matter will automatically have the Billable checkbox deselected. However, you can check the box manually to allow that particular time entry to have a billed amount

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