How Do I Delete a Client or Matter?

Deleting unengaged clients or matters can help optimize your firm's client management.

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Deleting a client required deleting all matters. A matter can only be deleted if there are no billing activity, expenses, or fees. Once a matter is deleted, the changes can not be undone.

Delete a Client with Matters

1. Login and navigate to the Clients page

Screenshot of arrow pointing to the checked box next to Show Clients without Matters in the filter options

2. Select Client

Locate your client using the filters and/or search bar. Click on the Client.

3. Select the Matter

On the left side a list of matters will be available to select. All must be deleted, to delete the client.

4. Go to Matter's Info

Once the matter has been selected, navigate to the Matter's Info.

Arrow pointing to Info on the Matter's navigation bar

5. Delete

As long as there is no WIP, expenses, or fees created you will have the option to delete the matter. Select Delete.

6. Confirm deletion, select OK

Arrow pointing to the OK which confirms the deletion of the matter.

Repeat these steps until all matters are deleted, once all matters are deleted, the Client will be deleted.

Delete a Client without Matters

1. Login and navigate to Clients

Arrow pointing to Delete button available from Client List

2. Check "Show Clients without Matters"

Using the filter on the left side, check the box. If you know the name of the client you can also utilize the search bar.

3. Select Delete

Once you locate the client in the list there will be an option to either Delete, or Create Matter. Once you select Delete the changes can not be undone.

Screenshot of arrow pointing to Delete button from the clients list filtered for Clients without Matters

4. Confirm Deletion, select OK

Arrow pointing to the Delete button, associated with the client to be deleted, from the Clients list.

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