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How LeanLaw Handles Expenses via QuickBooks Online
How LeanLaw Handles Expenses via QuickBooks Online

Where do expenses travel, and where do they end up?

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To start, let's check what's already been setup in your QuickBooks Integration. You'll also need to already have access to firm setup, which is enabled for Operators and Principles. 

  1. In your Settings, under Firm Setup is "Accounting / QuickBooks". The "QuickBooks Service for Expense" item what interests us. These are the expenses your firm bills to clients ________. When you add an expense in LL, goes through QuickBooks. In this example, we'll be using "Billable Expenses". 

2. Switching over to your QuickBooks, go to Products and Services in Settings. This Service is  the pass-through from LL to the general ledger, acting as a conduit. By using either the search bar or scroll bar, locate "Billable Expenses" and click it. Here you can edit the name that will show on client invoices, usually titled "Billable Expense" or "Reimbursable Expense". Take note of the Income Account, as we'll be following that next.  

3. The final step in the expense pipeline is the general ledger account report. One way to get there is Settings, this time going into your Chart of Accounts. Locate "Billable Expense Income" and click it. Here all invoiced expenses are viewable in their original invoices. Once there we can run a report to reconcile expenses. 

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