Assigning a Reviewer

How to enable the Reviewer feature, designate a user as a matter's Reviewer, and use Reviewer.

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Note: Reviewer is only available in LeanLaw Pro. To change your subscription, visit your firm's subscription page.

Much like the Responsible and Originating statuses, you can assign a user to be a matter’s reviewer. Reviewer is used with the Show Matters for User filter, found on many pages throughout the product. This allows a firm to keep track of who should be reviewing a given matter, and allows reviewers to filter out matters and focus only on the invoices they need to review.

How to Enable Reviewer

Before you can set a user to be a matter’s user, you need to enable Reviewer in your firm’s settings.

1. Go to Billing (Workflow/Fees)

In your firm’s Settings ⚙️ click on Billing (Workflow/Fees) to access your firm’s Billing workflow settings.

2. Enable Reviewer

Once in the Billing (Workflow/Fees) page of your firm's settings, click the switch beneath the Reviewer so that the green dot is on the side which reads YES. Save your changes by clicking the green Save Changes button in the bottom right.

A screenshot of the Billing settings page showing the Reviewer switch set to YES.

Your firm may now set users as Reviewers.

How to Set a User as Reviewer

Setting a user as a matter’s reviewer is done in the matter’s Billing & Rates tab.

1. Go to Matters

Click on Matters in the main navigation bar. This will take you to your firm’s Matters page.

2. Open the matter

On the Matters page, click on the matter for which you wish to set your reviewer(s). You can type the matter’s name in the search field to make it easier to find.

3. Open the matter's Billing & Rates

With the matter open, click on the Billing & Rates tab.

4. Click the Reviewer checkbox

In the Billing & Rates tab, locate the user which you wish to make a reviewer on the matter, and click the checkbox to the right of that user’s name, located in the Reviewer column.

Click the green Save Changes button to save your changes.

Using Reviewer

Once a user has been designated as a matter’s reviewer, the View Matters for User filter can be used with the Reviewer checkbox for a variety of uses.

In Billing

While viewing any tab on the Billing page (Ready to Bill, Drafts, etc.) a reviewer can select themselves from the Show Matter for User filter, then check the Reviewer checkbox in order to view only the invoices which they need to review. This allows the user to quickly find only the invoices which need their attention.

In Reports

In any report, you can also select the reviewer's name and the Reviewer checkbox beneath the View Matters for User filter. Here are some examples of how this can provide your firm with valuable insights:

  • The Ready to Bill report can show items ready to be made into invoices that the reviewer will soon review.

  • The Compensation report can show the revenue allocated to each user from matters reviewed by the user.

  • The WIP, Billed, Collected by User report can show three-staged metrics of the reviewer's matters.

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