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Can I add Payment Instructions to an Invoice? [FAQ]
Can I add Payment Instructions to an Invoice? [FAQ]

How to add a note to an invoice

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Q: Is there a place to write payment instructions on an invoice?

A: Within LeanLaw's draft invoice screen, there is an editable notes section when you click to edit the Invoice memo.


Adding a note is an opportunity to communicate to your client payment instructions or other information pertaining to the invoice. You can customize the note in any draft invoice. If you need more information on how to get an invoice to the draft state, click here.

1. Click on Billing

Click on Billing in the main navigation bar. This will bring you to the Ready to Bill tab in the Billing page.

Arrow pointing to the memo field within a draft invoice

2. Click on Drafts and select an invoice

Click the Drafts button, just below the main Navigation bar. The Drafts tab is where you can find all of your invoices currently in a draft state.

3. Open a draft invoice

On the Drafts tab, click the invoice to which you wish to add billing instructions. This will open the draft invoice.

A screenshot of the Drafts page with a draft invoice indicated.

4. Click on the box below Memo

In the invoice draft, click the box below the word "Memo" to edit the Invoice Memo.

A screenshot of a draft invoice with the Memo box indicated.

5. Add your payment instructions

In the Invoice Memo, type your invoice instructions into the box beneath "Note to add to the invoice."

Once you fill in the field, you will see it populating in the Final Memo Content. Additionally you can adjust other information to include or exclude Matter Totals, Trust Balance, and Hours Summary.

Screenshot of an arrow pointing to the final memo in a billed invoice.

6. Click Save Memo

Once all changes have been made to the Memo select "Save Memo". This will update the memo on the final invoice.

A screenshot of the final invoice which shows all changes made in this guide.
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