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How To: “CC” Invoices to Responsible Attorney
How To: “CC” Invoices to Responsible Attorney

How to set up a copy of an invoice to be cc'd to the responsible attorney.

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To get started, navigate to the Settings tab, which is the green gear icon at the top right hand corner of the screen. In the left-hand side of the screen, select Users.

Once in the Users page, you will see an overview of all users in the firm, their status, role, and their stage in the setup process.

Clicking on a user opens a window displaying settings specific to the user:

Here you can click on “cc on responsible invoices.”

When selected, the user will be cc’d on invoices for any matters they are responsible for.

In QuickBooks Online this “cc” will show up when you send the invoice to the client.

An individual user is also able to add “cc to responsible” by going to the Settings tab, and on the left-hand side selecting My Info and checking the box “cc on responsible invoices.”

Note: This change will only affect invoices going forward and not invoices previously sent to QuickBooks.

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