Setting the Preference:  Email or Print  (image One)

In LeanLaw, you will now see in each matter, under the QuickBooks tab, a preference selection for invoice delivery (print or email) and terms.   Of course, this sets the preference for that particular matter/client.  This will also update the same items in QuickBooks as well. Since you had this set in QBO, LL read that preference.

Invoice Delivery  (Image Two)

Once invoices are sent to QBO, they now can be processed directly from LeanLaw using a filter to differentiate those invoices needing to be printed and those needing to be delivered via email.   From the "Open" tab in Leanlaw under Billing, the filter preference is enabled.  Pick your preferred grouping, select the items you want to process, and then use the functions at the bottom of the screen to facilitate your request.  LeanLaw will send the emails from QuickBooks and use the templates on file.  Printing will batch the invoices into a large PDF file with QuickBooks producing the actual invoice to ensure formatting consistency.

We're happy to jump on a call to review this workflow.  Just let us know what questions you have and of course any feedback on how the functionality works for your firm.

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