Step 1:

Once the software launches, you'll be asked to sign in. Using either your email,  or LeanLaw credentials, proceed as you would on the web application. 

Step 2: 

The My Matters tab allows you to keep track of relevant matters. Click the “+” to add a matter. This will direct you to the next window.   If you have matters in the system, they will automatically appear.  The matters you worked on most recently will always be on top. 

You can select a pre-existing Client/Matter, or create a new one. 

Once a Client/Matter has been selected, select Done.

The matter will now appear in My Matters as a pinned Matter. 

You can enter time two different ways: 

  1. Click the “+” allows to create a traditional time entry.

  2. Click the stopwatch to start a timer related to the matter. 

Step 3: 

The My Day tab displays all time entries from the selected date. Click the pencil icon to edit your entries.

You can edit time entries using the arrows, or you could manually enter time in the text field. When you’re done, click Save to Timesheet

Step 4:

The tab, Timers, displays all currently running timers. 

Timers can be created through the Start Timer button, or with various icons throughout the program. Once a timer has been completed, it can be submitted to the timesheet via 

the Downwards Arrow Icon. These entries will now appear on the Client/Matter’s unbilled time. 

Step 5:

To sign out of LeanLaw, select the white profile silhouette in the top left corner, and click Sign out

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