How to Change Time Entry Rounding
Change your firm's time entry rounding from .1 hours (10 minutes) to the nearest .25 hours (15 minutes), or vice versa!
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The default setting in LeanLaw rounds up time entries to the nearest tenth of an hour. However, some of our users live in areas where time clock laws round to the nearest quarter of an hour. To assist you, this guide will help you switch your firm settings to round up to the nearest .25 hours--or, in more familiar terms, 15 minutes or a quarter of an hour. This guide will also help you find the button to switch back, if you've enabled quarter hour rounding by accident.

Note: this is a firm setting. This means that if you change the setting, it will apply to all users in your LeanLaw firm.

1. Open your firm's settings

Open your firm's settings by clicking the cog wheel in the upper right corner of LeanLaw, or by clicking this link. The following picture indicates where the cog is located.

An image showing the LeanLaw interface with a red arrow pointing to the settings cog

2. Click Firm Info

In your firm's settings, click the link labeled Firm Info, located on the left menu under the Firm Setup heading. This will bring you to your Firm Info settings.

An image of the settings page's menu with Firm Info indicated

3. Toggle the Default Time Entry Increment button

Near the bottom of Firm Info, you'll see a green button with the label Default Time Entry Increment. When this button is flipped to the left side, it will round up time entries in .1 hour increments (6 minutes). When this button is flipped to the right, it will round up time entries in .25 hour increments (15 minutes). Press the green button to flip it until you have the rounding settings you require.

An image of the Firm Info settings with the Default Time Entry Increment button indicated

4. Save your settings before leaving

Once you have your desired settings, the final step is to save your changes. If you leave the page without doing this, your Firm Info settings will return to whatever they were when you first opened the page! Save your settings by clicking the green Save Changes button, indicated below.

An image of the Firm Info settings with the Save Changes button indicated

You now have a rounding setting saved which will apply to all new time entries. Whether you use the calendar's click and drag function or manually enter a time period, LeanLaw will round your time entries to number you set in your Firm Info page.

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