How To Archive a Client

Archive inactive clients to help optimize LeanLaw.

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Archive a Client

Archiving inactive clients can clean up and optimize LeanLaw by reducing the loadable client data that is no longer needed. All reports have a Show Archived filter to include any archived data, and if a client or matter is archived it can be unarchived.

Note: In order to see archived matters you must check the box that says "Show Archived" when searching in the Matters tab, or make a selection on the "Show Archived" dropdown menu when pulling reports.

Additional note: Entries for archived matters are unable to be displayed in the Time Entries tab.

1. Log in and navigate to Clients

2. Select the client you want to archive

A client/matter is ready to be archived once all billable services, fees, etc. have been billed and no further work will be performed.

3. Select the matter to be archived

If a client has multiple matters, steps 3-5 will be repeated until all matters are archived.

4. Select Archive

In the matter's Info tab, click the Archive button.

5. Confirm archival

Click the OK button.

Note: Repeat these steps until all matters are archived, once all matters are archived, the client will be auto-archived.

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