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Some examples of how invoices can look using LeanLaw and QuickBooks

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This article provides examples of invoice presentation that can be done with LeanLaw and QuickBooks Online. 

This does not show the full flexibility so if you are not seeing what you are looking for, let us know! 

Simple invoice with services and expenses

Invoice showing lists of services including rate and hours and total amounts, and expense items.

Easily combine time entries on the same day or add user information

You can automatically combine time entries for the same day showing the detail in the description.

Include retainer balance

Invoices automatically include a balance of client retainer if one is available.

Organizing invoice into sub-sections

QuickBooks Online has limitations in terms of splitting the invoice into sub-sections and show sub-headers. We have solved this by allowing an option that adds headers for sub-sections and include the date in descriptions and combining this with some QuickBooks customizations that result in this:

Multiple matters combined on the same invoice

Matters for the same client can be combined onto one invoice with sub-totals showing for each matter.

LEDES file attached

If you are using LEDES, we generate a LEDES file that can be uploaded to client system or included with the invoice when emailing it to the client.

Time-keeper summarized and detail attached as Excel file

This shows a more advanced formatting option where the invoice contains a high-level summary of how much time each attorney spent, and the detail is attached as an Excel can can be included (or not) when emailing the invoice to the client.

Include statement balance 

QuickBooks Online allows including a statement balance on invoices which can be combined with any of the formatting options above.

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