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Lean Insights: Firm Time Analysis Dashboard
Lean Insights: Firm Time Analysis Dashboard

Details on how to use the Firm Time Analysis dashboard from Lean Insights

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This guide will provide you with instructions on using and navigating the Firm Time Analysis dashboard to gain insights into your firm's productivity.

Accessing the Firm Time Analysis Report

  1. Open the application and navigate to the Reports section.

  2. Select "Advanced Reports" in the left navigation to access the advanced reports section.

  3. Click on "Firm Time Analysis" to open the dashboard.

Time Period Filter

  1. The dashboard includes a date filter that allows you to choose the desired time period for analysis.

  2. Select the appropriate time period from the available options.

  3. The data displayed in the dashboard will correspond to the selected time period.

Summary Information

  1. The dashboard provides summary information to give you an overview of the firm's time analysis within the selected time period. This includes:

    1. The distinct number of clients in that have time entries in the period

    2. The distinct number of matters against which time was entered

    3. The total value of the billed hours in the time period. Note that the billed hours refer to the billable hours recorded, not the invoiced amount.

Billed Hours by User

  1. The dashboard presents the number of billed hours for each LeanLaw user or timekeeper within your firm.

  2. You can filter the data by selecting a specific user, and the information throughout the dashboard will dynamically update accordingly.

  3. The summary information will also reflect the selected timekeeper if you have filtered on a particular user.

Billed Hours by Clients

  1. The dashboard displays the billed hours associated with each client, allowing you to identify clients with the most hours billed against them.

  2. Similar to filtering by timekeepers, you can select a specific client to filter the data and view details specific to that client.

Viewing Detailed Data

  1. At the bottom of the dashboard, you will find the underlying data for further analysis.

  2. The table includes columns for client, matter, user name (or timekeeper), date, billed hours, written down hours, and rate.

  3. This provides a comprehensive overview of the firm's time allocation, allowing you to identify where time is being spent.

Clearing Filters

  1. To return to the overall view and remove any applied filters, click on the option to clear the filter within the relevant chart (either Billed Hours by User or Billed Hours by Client).

  2. This will restore the dashboard to its default state, displaying data for the selected time period without any specific user or client filters.

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