When first logging in to LeanLaw, you'll automatically be in the Time Entry tab. You're right on track!

There are two ways to enter time:

  1. Clicking a line in the Calendar view

  2. Bulk creation via Time Entries

Once opened, the Time Entry window asks for information relevant to the time entry. 

  1. Select the Client and Matter that time is being tracked against. 

  2. Add a description to detail what was completed.

  3. Give Start time and End time. These can be entered as exact times, or block hours.

  4. If applicable, switch to Non-Billable. 

The Second way to enter time is via Time Entries.

  1. Click Create Entry to access a simplified version of the Time Entry window previously shown. 

  2. Enter the necessary entry information, and Create Entry

  3. The details just entered will be saved, allowing for many entries for the same Matter/Project to be entered quickly. 

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