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Printing, Emailing, and Downloading Invoices
Printing, Emailing, and Downloading Invoices

Printing, Downloading and Emailing invoices from LeanLaw

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LeanLaw uses QuickBooks for delivering invoices. Invoices are prepared in LeanLaw, perhaps reviewed as a draft, then sent to QuickBooks. Invoices can be delivered to clients, either from QuickBooks directly or by using the invoice delivery features from LeanLaw, found in the Billing > QuickBooks tab:

You can find options for individual options under the "three dot" menu to the right. Or you can batch process invoices by selecting some or all of them, then use the functions at the bottom.

There are multiple options for delivery, all reflected in the Deliver batch menu:

  • Email: This emails the invoice to the client. LeanLaw uses QuickBooks to do the emailing, using the all the form styles defined there including links to electronic payment options. If you need to modify the email that is sent, you need to go to QuickBooks to involve the email.

  • Combined PDF: All selected invoices are combined into one PDF file including a cover page (or several) that shows an overview of all the invoices. This combined PDF can be printed on an office printer, then mailed.

  • Download as PDFs: The function creates a ZIP file of individual PDF files, one for each invoices. This is useful for distributing the invoices using other systems. The ZIP file also contains a summary PDF of the invoices.

  • LEDES: Downloads a ZIP file with LEDES files for each invoice that has LEDES enabled. A LEDES file is a special text file for uploading into other system. If you don't need this function, consider yourself lucky! :) 

Setting Preferred Delivery Method for Clients

QuickBooks has a setting that determines the default delivery method for clients. If you set it either Send later (email) or Print later. It can be found in Account and Settings under Sales:

This will reflect on invoices and their initial status will be either "to email" or "to print". 

You can override the firm default for individual clients in either QuickBooks, or directly in LeanLaw under the QuickBooks tab:

This is useful if you have some clients that require printed invoices and others that require emailed ones. In that situation you can then manage the delivery of invoices every month in a really easy way:

  • Create all the invoices for the month

  • Set the Delivery filter to "Ready to Print"

  • Select all invoices, then use the batch function Deliver > Combined PDF to create a PDF will all these invoices and print this on your office printer

  • Set the Delivery filter to "Ready to Email"

  • Select all invoices, then use the batch function Delivery > Email to email all the invoices

  • All the invoices will now be marked as Delivered

Invoice Payment Links

If your firm is using LeanLaw Payments to send and process payments electronically then you'll likely want payment links automatically added to your outbound invoices. This happens automatically once the invoice is delivered, using either of the methods shown at the top of the article.

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