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Lean Insights: Outstanding Invoices Dashboard
Lean Insights: Outstanding Invoices Dashboard

Details on how to use the Outstanding Invoices dashboard from Lean Insights

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The Outstanding Invoices dashboard provides actionable information about outstanding invoices for your firm which can allow you to take appropriate action with the appropriate clients. This guide will provide instructions on using and understanding the features of the report. The Outstanding Invoices report is located in the advanced reports section.

Accessing the Outstanding Invoices Report

  1. Navigate to the Reports section in your application.

  2. Select "Advanced Reports" from the left navigation to access the advanced reports section.

  3. Click on "Outstanding Invoices" to open the dashboard.

Time Period Filter

  1. The report includes a filter that allows you to choose the time period for the outstanding invoices you want to analyze.

  2. Select the desired time period from the available options.

  3. The information displayed in the dashboard will be based on the selected time period.

Summary Information

  1. Within the selected time period, you will see the sum of the total amount invoiced and the sum of the current outstanding balance. These amounts include invoices in all states (including draft stages)

  2. Additionally, the report displays the number of distinct clients for whom there are invoices during the selected time period. This includes invoices in all states.

Top 10 Clients with Outstanding Balances

  1. The report presents a chart showing the top 10 clients with outstanding balances.

  2. This chart displays the clients with the highest outstanding balance amounts in the time period for clients who have been invoiced (or invoice status is considered Open).

  3. Clicking on a specific client in the chart will sort the data elements based on that client's outstanding amount.

All Clients with Outstanding Balances

  1. To view details for all clients with outstanding balances, refer to the table on the right side of the report.

  2. This table includes information for all clients who have been invoiced (or invoice status is considered Open), not just the top 10, allowing a comprehensive overview.

  3. Explore the table to identify clients with outstanding balances and their respective amounts.

Invoice Data

  1. The invoice data table provides a detailed view of various invoices.

  2. This includes the client, relevant matter, invoice number, status of the invoice, invoice date, invoice amount, and the current outstanding balance.

  3. Utilize this table to examine specific invoices and associated details.

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