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Lean Insights: My Time Analysis Dashboard
Lean Insights: My Time Analysis Dashboard

Details on how to use the My Time Analysis dashboard from Lean Insights

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This guide will walk you through the features and functionality of the My Time Analysis dashboard, located in the advanced reports section.

Accessing My Time Analysis

  1. Navigate to the Reporting section in your application.

  2. Click on "Advanced Reports" in the left navigation to access the advanced reports section.

  3. Select "My Time Analysis" to open the dashboard.

Time Period Filter

  1. The dashboard includes a time period filter that allows you to choose the desired date range.

  2. Use the filter to select different time frames for analysis.

Summary Information

  1. The dashboard includes 3 summary pieces of information in 3 separately displayed sections:

    1. The dashboard provides a summary of the number of time entries recorded within the selected time period.

    2. You can view the total number of hours for the selected time frame.

    3. You can also see the distinct number of matters worked in the selected time frame.

Graphical Representation

  1. A graph is displayed to represent each day within the selected time period.

  2. An eight-hour dashed line serves as a benchmark to compare your time allocation.

  3. The graph visually shows the amount of time allocated on each day.

Interactive Filtering

  1. Clicking on a specific day in the graph filters the data in the table below and updates the summary information accordingly.

  2. This allows you to focus on the data for that specific day.

  3. To clear the filter and return to the full view of the time period, click on the option to clear the filter.

Table View

  1. The table below the graph provides detailed information for each time entry.

  2. The table includes columns for the date, client, matter, time entry description, and hours.

  3. Note that there may be a difference between hours and billable hours.

  4. The table view allows you to delve into the specifics of each time entry.

  5. If you need more information or want to analyze individual entries, refer to the table.

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