Switching between multiple vendors is time-consuming and costly. LeanLaw makes it super easy to stay in one or work between just two vendors - QuickBooks Online and LeanLaw - to expedite invoice delivery and receive payments faster. Read on to learn more about how to connect LeanLaw and QuickBooks Online.

1. Go to Settings:

Start by going to settings:

2. Scroll to QuickBooks Integration:

Scroll down the Settings Menu to select the section labeled: QuickBooks:

3. Open QuickBooks Integration:

You will see the green Connect to QuickBooks button:

Click Connect to Quickbooks.

4. View and set up QuickBooks Integrations Settings:

Once you are connected, you will see this page:

From here, you can choose all of your settings, such as adjusting the Default QuickBooks Service to the Type of Accounting you would like to do - either Client or Matter.

Now you can begin to integrate and bill clients!

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