Whether you are setting up LeanLaw for the first time, or adding new users as you grow, it's important to get your staff added.

Note: You will need access to "Firm Setup" section of Settings. If you don't already have this, the Firm Manager or a Principal user will need to perform the following steps.

1. Open Settings

On the top right of any page in LeanLaw, click the gear icon ⚙️ to open your Firm Settings page.

2. Open Users

In Firm Settings, click the word Users from the menu on the left side of the page to open the User Settings page. You may need to scroll down the list, as it is towards the bottom.

A gif showing the location of the Users hyperlink in the Firm Settings page

3. Click Invite User

In the User Settings page, click the green Invite User button. This will open the Invite User form where you can enter user details.

An image indicating the Invite User button in the User Settings page.

4. Add user information and send invite

Fill out each of the listed fields as needed. At minimum, an Email, First and Last name, and Role are required before the user can be invited. Please note that the email address you enter is where the user will receive confirmation. 

Once you've entered all of the necessary properties click "Add User and Send Invite" to finalize your invite.

Once the user is successfully invited your subscription will automatically be adjusted to accommodate them. For Monthly subscribers the change will take effect on your next billing cycle, while Annual subscribers will see an additional charge for the prorated difference between the date of invitation and the renewal date.

An image showing the Invite User form

The table below provides an explanation of each field in the Invite User form.

Name of Field



The user needs to have an associated email to receive the invite at. This is the same email that they can setup their account with.

First/Last Name

Time entries, fees, expenses, and any similar item will need to have a name associated with it. The user can change their name once aboard.


The user's role in the firm directly translates to their Role in LeanLaw. For a full breakdown of each role, follow this guide.

Name/Initials for Invoicing

This name/initials are used to identify the associated attorney on an invoice. In the example below, the initials "RS" would appear on an invoice for Robert's entries. This feature can be disabled, if needed.

Access to Firm Setup

This checkbox allows a user access to the admin settings for the firm. These include QuickBooks integration, invoice presentation, and user permissions.

Include on all matters

If enabled, the user will have access to all Matters within the firm. This is suggested for Principals, Operators, and Accountants.

Standard Rate

The default rate for time entered into LeanLaw. If no rate is entered, it will default to $0.


To Resend an Invite

If the new user didn't receive the email invitation, or you'd prefer to send them a direct link, click on the user's name and click the Resend Invite button. LeanLaw will provide you with a direct link, which you can send to them, or you can tell LeanLaw to resend the invitation email.

Note: If you need to change the email of an invited user check with our Support team. They'll be able to get that changed, and off to the right person.

A gif showing where to find the Resend Invite function


Please see this article if you are an accountant regarding getting an exempt account in LeanLaw in your client's firm.

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