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One-click Creating Draft Invoices
One-click Creating Draft Invoices

Create draft invoices with one click, and also create multiple invoices in bulk. Mass-produce invoices quickly!

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The Ready to Bill page has new options in the form of checkboxes on the left and buttons appearing on the right when you hover over each line:

To quickly create a draft invoice, click on the green lightening button. That's it, a draft invoice will be created for that client/matter.

You can still create an invoice the old way, using step-by-step: Click the right arrow button or click on the client/matter name, to go through the invoice preparation process in steps.

Picking What to Include on Invoice

If you hover over the numbers, little checkboxes appear that allow you to pick what to include on the invoice:

In this example, we hover over the "Billable $" number for "Insider Trading Defense" and the checkbox appears. You can click on the numbers to include or exclude before clicking the lightning button. Try it out! You can always undo the invoice once it is in draft.

Bulk-Creating Invoices

Use the checkboxes on the left to create multiple invoices in one click:

In this example, we have clicked the very top checkbox, which checks all clients and matters, and then when you click the "Create Draft Invoices" it will create draft invoices for all those clients and matters in one go.

NOTE! If you have pages and pages of clients on your Ready to Bill page, clicking the "select all" button will select all the clients on all the pages.

Also note that you can include and exclude the numbers for individual clients. In the example, we have excluded the non-billable hours for all clients and also the expenses for one client.

Client-billing vs Matter-billing

LeanLaw supports two types of billing for clients and matters: Client-billing (the default) and matter-billing. This determines how invoices are sent to QuickBooks. 

One-click invoicing for matter creates an invoice for just that matter. 

One-click invoicing for a client (ie. clicking the lightening button next to the client in a green table row), will behave differently depending on whether that client is set up for client-billing or matter-billing.

If the client is client-billed, an invoice will be created will all the matters included on the same invoice. If the client is matter-billed, separate invoices will be created for each matter.

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