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How To: Reset your LeanLaw Password [FAQ]
How To: Reset your LeanLaw Password [FAQ]

Wondering where to click to change your password? LeanLaw can help!

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"Is there a location to change my password?"

"I forgot my password. How do I reset it?"

Your password is easily reset on the login page, assuming that the LeanLaw account was created with a unique LeanLaw email and password. If Office365, Google or Microsoft Live was used to setup the original LeanLaw login, the password is managed via those services.

For LeanLaw Passwords:

  1. Go to the Account Login page of the site

    Head to: to begin your password recovery

  2. Click "Forgot Password."

    Once on the login page, click on the blue words that say "Forgot Password."

3. Enter user email

The next screen is the LeanLaw Password Recovery screen:

Enter the same email address with which the LeanLaw account was registered. Once entered, click the "email me a link" button to initiate the reset. Remember, the email could get stuck in junk or spam filters so if it doesn't show up after a minute, please check there.

4. Follow the steps in the password reset email

Follow the steps in the email to reset your password. Remember to save the new password in a safe place.

That's it, you have now reset your password!


"Is there a location to change my password?"

Hi! When you are on the login screen, you should see the change password:

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