Manage QuickBooks Invoices

Invoice functions: Undo from QuickBooks, Print, Email, Download LEDES files, Record Payment, Pay from Trust

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Go to Billing, then QuickBooks:

Any invoices you sent to QuickBooks will be listed here.

The invoices can be filtered a number of ways. If you can't find an invoice, try to adjust the filters:

  • Time Period - show invoices from a specific time range

  • Show Matters For User - show invoices only for clients/matters that a specific user is involved with or responsible for

  • Client - show invoices for a specific client

  • Matter - show invoices for a specific matter

  • State - show unpaid invoices ("Not Paid"), invoices that are overdue ("Overdue") or invoices that are fully paid ("Paid"). By default the page shows open invoices. You can also see all invoices by clicking the "x" in the filter

  • Delivery - see invoices depending delivery status - whether invoice needs to be emailed or printed, or whether they have already be delivered

  • Trust - see invoices for clients with a trust account balance

Invoice Functions

You can do things with individual invoices or in bulk. Individual functions are available in the little "triple dot" dropdown to the right of the invoice:

Different functions are available depending on the invoice and the client. For example, "Pay from Trust" is only available if the client has trust funds. 

At the bottom of the list of invoices you have bulk functions. Select all or some invoices, then click a button for bulk functions:

For example, to email all invoices, select them all, then click the dropdown next to "Deliver", then select "Email":

How to record a cash, check, or credit card payment

To record a payment made through cash, check, or credit card, make sure you're on the QuickBooks page of LeanLaw and have at least one invoice ready to bill. You can either click the three vertical dots next to a single invoice and click Record Payment...

A screenshot of the three vertical dots with Record Payment indicated

...or you can click the checkboxes to the left of multiple invoices, click the down arrow to the right of the Pay button, and select Record Payment.

A screenshot of multiple selected invoices with the Record Payment option indicated

Clicking Record Payment will open the QuickBooks Payment window. Next, click the dropdown menu beneath Payment Method to select either cash, check, or credit card as the payment method. You can set a date for the received payment, enter a reference for your records, and either leave the Amount as is to record a full payment or change it to record a partial payment. When you're ready to complete the payment, click the green Pay button.

A screenshot of the QuickBooks Payment window

You now have a cash, check, or credit card payment recorded in both LeanLaw and QuickBooks Online!

More invoice options

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