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Trust Statements on Invoices

How to attach trust statements to invoices

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LeanLaw can attach trust statements to invoices as PDF files. Here is how. Go to Billing > QuickBooks (this only works for invoices that are in QuickBooks, not draft invoices).

Invoices can be attached either to a specific invoice using the dot-dot-dot menu (1), or by bulk using the function below the invoices called "Attach Trust Statement" (2) as shown here:

A paperclip icon will appear next to invoices that have trust statements attached (3). If an invoice already has a trust statement attached, invoking the "Attach Trust Statement" function will replace the current attachment with a new version. 

The trust statement is attached as a PDF file called TrustStatement.pdf on the QuickBooks invoice. To review it, pick "Open in QuickBooks" and open the attachment from the invoice in QuickBooks.

Here is a suggested workflow:

  • Create your monthly invoices and send them to QuickBooks

  • Go to the QuickBooks tab in billing section of LeanLaw

  • Select the filters "Not paid" and "with Trust" to see all invoices that haven't been paid and that have trust against them

  • Select invoices and "Pay from Trust" to pay invoices from trust

  • Select the filters "Paid" and "with Trust" to see the invoices that were just paid

  • Select them and pick "Attach Trust Statement"

  • Select them again and click Deliver -> Email to send them to clients

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