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Does LeanLaw Integrate with LawPay?
Does LeanLaw Integrate with LawPay?
LeanLaw chose to integrate with Gravity Legal over LawPay.
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Can we integrate with LawPay?

The short answer to this question is no. However, we do integrate with Gravity Legal and you can read more about this further down in this article.

We chose Gravity Legal over LawPay for several reasons which we will outline below. This makes our integration with Gravity Legal, LeanLaw Payments, a great choice for legal firms that need a reliable integrated payment processor.

Reasons We Chose Gravity Legal

In any given month 20-25% of payments made through our system are by ACH, making the automated bank transfer platform highly utilized. We approve firms for relatively high transaction limits on ACH and we have firms with limits up to $60k/transaction.

We also provide firms with an automated surcharging platform which automatically charges credit card fees to clients at the point of payment. This reduces processing fees by 60-80% while still providing clients with fee-free electronic payment options such as debit cards and ACH.

Gravity Legal also provides simple, flat rates which makes it easy to know what you will pay each month. What's more, we provide a simple one-page monthly processing statement without the credit card jargon. LawPay typically employs a tiered pricing structure.

Learn More About Our Integration With Gravity Legal

To learn more about our integration with Gravity Legal, visit our features page.

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