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How To: Request Trust Funds from a Client
How To: Request Trust Funds from a Client

The Confido Legal - LeanLaw Integration allows firms to accept trust deposits by credit/debit card and bank transfer directly to LeanLaw.

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PSA: Make sure to check with our team during the set up process. We'll be able to flip a couple necessary switches, and make the process possible. Just send us a message letting us know that you'd like to get set up, and we can assist πŸ‘

Currently, making a trust request in LeanLaw requires the addition of an integration with Confido Legal. This article covers what that integration entails, and how to get set up with it.

How it Works:

  • Send a trust deposit request directly through LeanLaw

  • The client receives an email requesting an electronic trust deposit

  • The client pays the trust deposit by credit/debit card or bank transfer (ACH)

  • The trust deposit is automatically added to their trust liability account in QuickBooks Online

  • Use CC and BCC assigned in your QuickBooks firm setting.

  • All processing fees are deducted from the firm's Operating account

Clear, Simple Pricing

  • 2.95% on all cards

  • 1% for ACH or e-check acceptance with a $30 max

  • No monthly fees for LeanLaw users

  • Choose to automatically charge clients for credit card fees

  • Know exactly what you will pay; No more illegible processing statements and jargon

Confido Legal was born out of Seattle-based Gravity Payments by a team passionate about helping law firms succeed. For over a decade, Confido has helped law firms accept payments for both earned and unearned funds. We've built a team of attorneys, engineers, and trust/IOLTA account auditors focused on helping firms remain compliant with the rules of professional conduct while providing their clients with a simple payment experience.

Getting Set Up with Confido

Connecting Confido to your LeanLaw and QuickBooks Online Accounts

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