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1.1 Accountants: Connecting/Creating Your Firms
1.1 Accountants: Connecting/Creating Your Firms

Accountants are often part of multiple LeanLaw accounts. We show how to switch between accounts.

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As an accountant, you might have your own LeanLaw account as well as access to accounts for your clients. Your own account is free and you can use it to for demoing LeanLaw to your clients, or for time-keeping and billing in your own firm.

When you first sign up for LeanLaw, you enter a trial for two weeks. Let us know if you are an accountant and we'll mark your account as free. To check, go to Settings > Subscription and you should see this:

There are two ways to add law firms to your account:

  • Get invited into an existing LeanLaw account from one of your clients. Just make sure the invite users the same e-mail as your LeanLaw account and it will be connected.

  • Go to Settings > My Firms to set up a new LeanLaw account from scratch for one of your clients.

On the Settings > My Firms page you can see all the firms you are connected to. In the example above, you can see my main account "Fred's Accounting Firm" and also two law firms that I am part of ("Law Firm 1" and "Law Firm 2"). You can switch between the accounts by clicking on the "Login to this firm" buttons. 

There is a short-cut to switch quickly between firms. Go to the round people icon in header. It will show the list of accounts and you simply pick one to switch:

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