How to Delete a Trust Deposit? [FAQ]

Remove funds deposited in a Client's liability account.

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Q: How do I delete a Trust Deposit, I deposited an amount to the wrong client

A: You can delete a Trust Deposit by deleting the transactions from the client's Liability account in QuickBooks Online. Once the changes are made, the balance will be updated in LeanLaw.


If a Trust Deposit was made incorrectly, navigate to Quickbooks Online to delete the deposit.

Note: This require access to the firm’s QuickBooks Online account.

1. Open the Chart of Accounts

In Settings (⚙), select Chart of Accounts:

Screenshot of the settings drop down menu with Chart of Accounts highlighted under "Your Company"

2. Find the Liability Account

Under the Chart of Accounts, find the liability account associated with the Trust Deposit and select View Register:

GIF of the Liability Account being selected from the Chart of Accounts

3. Locate the Trust Deposit

In the Client/Company chart, select the Trust Deposit:

A screenshot of account transactions with a box surrounding the transaction to be edited.

4. Delete the Deposit

Verify the transaction is the deposit you are looking to delete, select Delete.

Screenshot of the transaction that is to be deleted.

5. Verify Deletion, Select Yes

Once this action is completed, it can not be undone.

Arrow pointing to the Yes that is required to be selected to delete the transaction.

Note: Refresh the LeanLaw web page to see the changes reflected for the payment.

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