You can add a charge to a matter at any time. Go to the Matters tab, find the matter and select it. Now go to the "Fixed Fees" tab under the matter.

Now click "Add Fixed Fee". You will get a simple form where you put in the amount and an invoice description. 

A fixed fee requires an amount and a description. Other fields are optional. The description will go on the client's invoice. A label for internal use can also be provided which will be used in lists and so on but will never be shown to clients.

The date determines when the fee should go on an invoice. If you do not provide a date, you can pick when to put the item on an invoice when it's ready.

Recurring fixed fees can be set up by adjusting the "Recurring" dropdown. You can pick monthly, quarterly or yearly. With a recurring fee you also have an option of start date and end date

Make sure to set the User responsible for the fee, as this is used to calculate revenue later on. If the firm uses LEDES you'll also need to set the Activity and Task codes in order to be accepted by the payment system. Use the Label field when saving the fee to a template so that your team will know what the templated fee is meant for.

ProTip: The "Require User on Fixed Fee" option in Settings is a must-have for firms that frequently bill fixed fees. This prevents fees from being unallocated, and falling between the cracks.

Finally, for both recurring and non-recurring fees you can pick an hour limit. For a given billing period, hours up to the limit will be considered part of the fixed fee and thus non-billable. For hours above the limit, the remaining hours will be billed at an hourly rate provided:

To invoice the fee, go to Billing and note how the fixed fee shows up under "Ready to Bill" for the matter in question. Click on the matter and next make sure you select the "fixed fee" to be part of the invoice before creating a draft.

Once the fixed fee is added to an invoice is it marked as billed and will not show up under "Ready to Bill" again.

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