Trust reporting in LeanLaw [FAQ]

Find out how to generate a trust report to send to your clients.

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Are you looking to show your clients the deposits and payments from their trust account? Occasionally, your clients will ask you for a trust report. Here we will tell you how to generate the report so you can help your clients.

1. Click on the Reports tab:

From your LeanLaw account, navigate to the Reports tab at the top of the page:

2. Scroll down to Trust Report:

On the left-hand side, scroll down the list of Reports to get to the Trust Report:

3. Filter Accordingly

You can filter your trust accounts so that you are only seeing the matters that apply to a certain user. On the left-hand side of the page, you will see a list of filters:

3. Open the specific Client/Matter

Open the specific Client/Matter and press Print:

Now you have run and generated a Trust Report to send to your client(s).


"Is there a trust account report that I can send to my client?"

Are you looking to show them all of the deposits and payments from their trust account? If so, you'd want to use the Trust Report:

Then open the specific Client/Matter, and then click [Print].

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