Currently LeanLaw does not have a report for all trust deposits, because there is no information that lives in LeanLaw for these deposits. It is automatically recorded in QuickBooks Online, which is why you need to run the Deposit Report from QuickBooks Online.

How to Generate a list of Trust Deposits

Step 1: Open QuickBooks Online

This is report is generated in QuickBooks Online, so make sure that you have access to it before proceeding. Open the firm's QuickBooks Online account.

Step 2: Open the Deposit Detail report

Open the Reports page, using the navigation bar on the left. Under Sales and customers section, select Deposit Detail report. This report will show the firm's deposits, with the date, customer or vendor, and amount.

First go to the

Step 3: Set Filters, and Generate

Lastly, set the appropriate filters to hone in on the data that you're interested in. We suggest adjusting the Report period to "This Year", and the Group by option to "Accounts" for best results.

Click Run Report, and navigate to the specific trust account that you require. You're all set 🎉

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