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How To: Enter an Opening A/R Balance for a Client
How To: Enter an Opening A/R Balance for a Client
Tracking old invoices and balances in LeanLaw
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When migrating your Clients and Matters to LeanLaw some may carry open A/R balances. In order to get those entered in your new LeanLaw environment

The opening A/R balance can be entered directly into QBO, or in LeanLaw.

Option 1

  1. Create a Fixed fee in LeanLaw with the description "Opening Balance".

  2. Now create an invoice the Client containing just that fee.

  3. The balance will now be included in reporting, and revenue allocation within LeanLaw.

Option 2

Note: Entering these opening balances is handled in QuickBook Online. Please make sure that you have access to the firm's account before continuing.

  1. Open QBO and navigate to the desired Client/Customer account.

  2. Once you have clicked into the client, locate and click the "edit" button.

  3. From the Edit screen, select the "Payments and Billing" tab

  4. Enter the opening A/R balance for that client.

โ€‹P.S. This only works if the Client/Matter has not had other invoices/payments associated with it. If the "Opening Balance" field is grayed out you will be unable to add that balance.


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