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How to apply a credit memo to an invoice
How to apply a credit memo to an invoice
Why isn't credit being applied to an invoice?
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It's easy to apply a credit memo to a customer's invoice.

Currently, non-trust payments and credit memos are handled in QuickBooks Online. You'll want to have it open, and available before we begin.  

Here's how you can create the credit memo:

  1. Click the Plus (+) icon.

  2. Select Credit Memo.

  3. Choose the customer name.

  4. Enter the Credit Memo Date.

  5. Fill in the Service Date, Product/Service, and Amount fields. You may also fill in any other fields (Description, QTY, Rate) if necessary.

  6. Click Save and close.

If you've already created the credit memo, or want to apply it to an invoice, follow these steps within QuickBooks Online:

  1. Click Sales in the left navigation bar.

  2. Click the Customers tab.

  3. Locate and click the customer's name.

  4. Locate the invoice you want to apply the credit to and click Receive payment.

  5. In the Receive Payment window, enter the Payment date, Payment method, Reference no. (if necessary) and the Deposit to account.

  6. In the Outstanding Transactions section, make sure that the correct invoice is selected.

  7. In the Credits section, make sure the correct credit memo is selected.

  8. Click Save and close.

This article is based on existing documentation from QuickBooks Support library. We've included the original document here as reference.

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