We want to make sure that your transition into LeanLaw is smooth, so here's a quick overview of what to expect.

To get started, we'll want to setup a time to preview your firm's situation. This can be a quick phone call, or email correspondence, just to answer a couple questions regarding your firm. We'll also establish a timeline for the import, as well as your first day in the program. 

Next is to export the necessary data. We'll schedule an hour long remote session to grab the data out of the firm's old platform. This data needs to be formatted, so our Engineering team will need time to make necessary changes.

It will take a few days to format the data, and get it uploaded into LeanLaw. During this time the software will not be accessible, as we're getting things ready. 

Once the data has been finalized and uploaded, we'll reach out and let you know! You'll now be able to review the import, and verify that the data looks exactly as you'd expect. 

If your firm has chosen to migrate Accounts Receivable and Trust Balances, we'll need to setup a separate session to establish that data in QuickBooks Online. 

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