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Time Slips Migration to LeanLaw
Time Slips Migration to LeanLaw

A high level overview as to how a firm would migrate from Time Slips into the LeanLaw platform.

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Time Slips Migration Overview

In approaching this migration, we suggest you organize the data into three areas:

  • Client/Matter data.

  • Accounting Data/Ledger data

  • Trust Data

Exporting Data:  Time Slips has very robust features related to exporting data. They use their reporting engine as a function of exporting data. The reports come out in the form of a CSV which can be imported into LeanLaw. 

Client Matter Data

Our experience is that the process isn't about getting data out of Time Slips, rather what data should be brought over. The norm is that most attorney's care about the current 20-40 active matters. This doesn't mean that all client and matter data couldn't migrate. 

Accounts Receivable Data

The best practice is to determine a set time to switch platforms.  This allows the billing to "close" in the old system.  The last accounts receivable balance becomes the opening balance for the clients in the new system.  Thus, when a client pays an invoice in the new system they are paying down that initial balance. 

Trust Migration.

This work can be a bit manual.  LeanLaw will facilitate the trust setup with either trust deposits or opening client balances.  Once the clients are established, new transactional activity will happen in LeanLaw. The process gets slightly more technical if there is existing trust accounting. 

How to approach the data migration.

Getting into the details as to how you migrate will muddy your process. Just approach it from the standpoint of:

  • What clients do I need in my new system? You don't want everything.

  • What are the balances to the respective bank accounts (Opening balance)

  • What are the balances related to Accounts Receivables? (Opening balances with clients)

  • What is my trust ledger?

  • What do I want to print out of Time Slips for historical purposes?

Time Slips:  Shutting down. The application would remain live and active, but would not be utilized for any billing activities, only for reference. Additionally, historical reports for the following would be generated:

  1. List of all clients, including contact and other billing data.

  2. List of all accounts receivable activity and balances. 

  3. List of all invoices produced from Time Slips.

  4. List of all client payments. 

How does LeanLaw help? (Link)

How long does it take?
There will be some manual work. We usually see one-two weeks of intensive transition for a bookkeeper. Once done, it's done. Regarding acclimating to a new invoicing platform, two billing cycles tend to work through the kinks.

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