How To: Produce a Client Statement

Creating a report to display Client balance, payments, and transaction history.

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LeanLaw's philosophy is that QuickBooks Online is the source of truth, thus we leverage their reporting tools for client statements.  If you want to send a client a statement of accounts, that report will be generated within Quickbooks Online.  Here's how for a single client, multiple clients or a sub-customer/matter.

Create Statements

  1. Log in to your QuickBooks Online company file.

  2. Select Sales from the left menu, then Customers.

  3. Choose the customer you want to create a statement to.

  4. From the Action column drop-down, choose Create Statement.

  5. Select the type of statement you want to create.

  6. Set the Statement Date, Start Date and End Date, if needed.

  7. Select Apply to view the statement.

  8. Select Save.

  1. Select the Plus (+) icon at the top, then Statement.

  2. Choose Statement, then set additional statement criteria if necessary.

  3. Select Apply.

  4. Review the screen for tips and instructions.

  5. Select Save or Save and close.

You can create a separate statement for sub-customers as long as it is not set to Bill with parent.

  1. Select Sales from the left menu, then Customers.

  2. Select the sub-customer you want to edit, then choose Edit.

  3. Set the drop-down to Bill this customer and select Save.

  4. You can then proceed to create statements for single or multiple customers.

For a Single Client Statement

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